Preparation should begin at least one month prior to the desired date. Preparation can begin before the birth of the child.

To take the first step in planning for your child’s baptism, please contact the parish office before or soon after the child’s birth. We will give or send you a brochure about the preparation process.

The second step is an interview with our Baptismal Preparation Team. Arrange this by contacting the parish office at (408) 847-5151. At the interview, you will be enrolled in the preparation classes.

Instructions are held every 1st & 2nd Wednesday in English at 7:00 PM.
Baptisms are scheduled after preparation is complete.


Favor de llamar a la Oficina Parroquial para obtener información sobre el sacramento de bautismo. Se requiere una cita con el Padre para llenar la solicitud de Bautismo. Oficina Parroquial: (408) 847-5151.

Las clases son el jueves y viernes da la primera y cuarta semana de cada mes a las 7:00PM.