Young people are the future of our church; they are also the present. These young people are thirsting for real connections. The youth ministry program at St. Mary has begun to provide such connections, but our teens still don’t have a place to call their own. Through the support of the parish, St. Mary teens are quickly outgrowing the space available to them. These young people need a dedicated space to conduct planning meetings, hold events, and build community. You can help us meet this challenge.



The St. Mary Youth Center will create a space for our teens to grow closer to Christ and their community. St. Mary Parish hopes to provide the same resources that other churches in the area provide for their teens, which include the following:

  • A space dedicated just to them for weekly activities and
    planning meetings
  • A recreation area for games and team building
  • A technologically advanced sound system and projection screen for group activities and worship

The city has already approved our plans to renovate the priests’ garage next to the rectory into a meeting space. Before we begin remodeling, the parish needs to raise $60,000. We are reaching out to all St. Mary Parish families to help us meet the needs of our youth. Every donation helps!



Summer 2017
Receive an approved building permit to begin the renovation

October 2017
Youth Center Giving Weekend

Thanksgiving 2017
Have all funds collected

Early-Mid 2018
Begin renovations, providing that all funds are collected

Grand opening of the new Youth Center!

Online Donations

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